Jam - v. to enliven a composition by impromptu variations and improvisations. • The American College Dictionary ©1947.

Since 1983, we have been helping teams, corporations, special events, and individuals create unique American made custom sportswear and teamwear. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing system, it's possible for you to design your colors and artwork into any of the dozens of styles that we make.

We have no minimum order, and we don't discontinue styles or colors. You can outfit yourself, your staff, or your whole crew, and then just reorder as necessary.

We can fit anyone. Tailored sizing is our specialty. Your order will take just a few weeks to produce, and will be shipped on time.

The Design Online tool shown as part of every Jammin product web page makes the creative process fun and easy. And, best of all, we're as close as the phone or computer nearest you.

Proudly made in the USA!

Our Story

We thought you might be curious about what Jammin is and how it came to be, so here's our story (In 400 words or less).

It all started in Tustin, California in 1983. We, three brothers and a friend, decided to do something different. We started bouncing ideas off each other, the way musicians do during a jam session. Out of this collaboration came a company that we called Jammin Ideas.

One of our first ideas was an update of a jacket that we had permanently borrowed from dad's closet. We took that jacket and turned it into what our friends called a Parachute Shirt.

The challenge was how to bring great ideas like this to life. We were able to have a few prototypes made, and got our first orders, but we knew nothing about the business. Where could we find someone to manufacture our complicated creation in small quantities, using high-quality materials and workmanship, for a fair price? Oh, and did we mention a quick turnaround?

It was then that we decided to do it all ourselves. We decided to learn how to sew and how to take advantage of the latest technologies to make our products on our own. These radical steps turned Jammin Ideas into Jammin reality.

With control over production, we could give people full creative control. We were amazed by the results. Distinctive, colorful clothing unlike anything you'd see "on the rack" began to materialize in our factory.

In 1989, we began selling directly to individuals, colleges, companies, clubs and teams, while still selling to retailers. By going direct, we were able to communicate directly with the people who wore our stuff, and get their feedback. This was totally different from what we were used to, and we loved it.

We are committed to the idea of fully involving you in the creative process. And thanks to you, our collection of products continues to grow, allowing an infinite number of designs. The only thing that isn't growing is our minimum order --it will always be one.

So the next time someone says you can't do that, whatever "that" is, consider it a challenge. Don't let it stifle you, let it inspire you.

Trust us, the possibilities are endless. Jam with us.