Custom Webstores
For almost 10 years, Jammin has been creating, hosting, and fulfilling custom webstores for a wide variety of customers.  These webstores serve as an easy way to offer popular items with your logo to members, boosters, customers, associates, parents, friends, and fans.

For established customers, there is no setup fee to create your webstore.  And, because we do not actually make or logo the items until an order is placed, there is no inventory commitment.  So, having your own custom webstore can cost you nothing!

We also make it simple to use your webstore as a fundraiser.  You can specify an amount that will be earned by you on each item sold.  There is no easier way for you to create revenue from selling merchandise with your logo.

We offer three flavors of webstore:
Public- your merchandise is available to anyone and everyone.
Private- your merchandise is available to only those with preset credentials.
Private with Approval- your merchandise is available to only those with preset credentials, and order-by-order approval from a designate at your organization.
The following are a few sample webstores that you can see in action:
Contact us for further details.
Online Order Manager
Available since last year, you can manage your team, club, group, or company orders online at your convenience.

You can specify the size, fit, names, numbers, and even individual payment and shipping instructions for each person involved with your order.  Make additions or changes as needed, and print out a complete order summary for your review any time you choose.

When all the details are complete, you tell us that your order is ready to be produced.  Your order information is processed directly into our manufacturing system, so human error in transcribing spreadsheets, emails, voicemails, or faxes is eliminated.

Take a look at a sample online order here.  Use the login name , and the password .  View the different item information by clicking on each item.  View the different member details by clicking on each member.  Click on ‘Member Summary” to see a detailed order summary.

Contact us for further details.